Fables for Robots

Illustrations for Stanislaw Lem's Fables for Robots

Invented by Animals

Meet the creatures who inspired our everyday technology.

Van Dog

Picture book by Mikołaj Pasiński and Gosia Herba

Balonowa 5

Picture Book by Mikołaj Pasiński and Gosia Herba

Balonowa 5

Music Books

Books by Katarzyna Huzar-Czub


About Cats

Short Stories

O Kotach

Poems For Children

Poems by Stanisław Grochowiak

Stanisław Grochowiak

Lodorosty i Bluszczary

Poems for Children by Jerzy Ficowski

Jerzy Ficowski

Elephant on the moon

Picture Book by Gosia Herba & Mikołaj Pasiński

Elephant on the Moon

Vintage Classics

Cover Illustrations

Family History

Poems for Children

Poems by Dorota Kassjanowicz

Raz, Dwa, Trzy, Zaśnij Ty!

Penguin Monarchs

Cover Illustration

John. An Evil King?