30 years of Asus

Last year Asus celebrated its 30th anniversary, so it was no accident that the theme of the #createasus competition in 2019 was “Transformation”. Participants could choose among three categories: ‘technology’, ‘wiser together’, ‘second life’.

As an ambassador of the contest, I created an illustration for the ‘technology’ category. One of my interests is body anthropology; how the image of the human body has changed over the centuries. In the 20th century, along with the development of technology, there was an explosion of body modification practices. Aesthetic medicine, dietetics, bodybuilding, doping, transplants, sex corrections, cloning, and implants herald an era of a new man – a cyborg released from the weakness of the body, integrated into the post-human network. I am fascinated by the possibilities this transformation opens up for us.

My illustration is a portrait of a new human (a girl!) in a new society.